Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, military veterinarian, athlete or just someone who just wants to get recuperate – you can count on PentagonFit to bring modern military- propelled health and fitness products to market.

This powerful, “smart US device” in military style expands weight reduction as you move, tracks your pulse (and can a split second share your metrics with loved ones through the free app), keeps up your vitality – and works simply like the well known “FitBit “however at a small amount of the cost!

Pentagon Fit Advantage

•           HEART RATE MONITORING AND GET MOVING REMINDERS: Our waterproof pulse screen watch has a high-exactness sensor with ‘green light elements’ for 100% precision and perceivability. Also, when you’re inactive for a really long time, the gadget hums to remind you to get going. This savvy wellness tracker observe likewise tallies what number of calories you’ve consumed and encourages you track what you eat

•           IOS AND ANDROID COMPATIBLE AND CONNECTED GPS: Like an Apple Watch, our activity watch vibrates to give you approaching calls and messages from your iOS and Android telephones. Our cell phone right hand highlight enables you to shake your wrist to snap a photo; check the time and date like a watch; interface and offer information with Bluetooth; find your shrewd gadget effectively whenever lost or lost.

•           100% ACCURATE STEP TRACKING: To get more fit and live longer like the Blue Zone centenarians, this gadget tracks your means and separation with 100% exactness. You can likewise set wellness targets, screen your advancement, share wellness data lastly arrive at your objectives. Our brilliant wellness tracker encourages you diminish midsection fat quickly and is far and away superior to the mainstream fitbit.

  • SLEEP MONITORING FOR BETTER HEALTH AND ENERGY: Our rest tracker innovation screens your rest examples to check whether you’re getting enough quality rest so you wake up invigorated. Rest is a significant key to weight reduction. Wear this around evening time to screen rest information, break down quality and rest better so you get more fit easily.

• IP67 WATERPROOF AND AVAILABLE IN 3 COLORS: Waterproof, dustproof, rainproof, hostile to perspire, and simple hand-washing and washing without expulsion. Customize your movement tracker for children, people by looking over ‘Pentagon Black’, ‘National Blue’ or ‘Youth Green’ in view of your style.

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